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When an blepharoplasty?

With age, the skin on the eyelids can weaken and stretch. This can make your eyes feel tired more quickly. It can also give you an older or tired look. Sometimes this is unnoticeably compensated by raising the eyebrows and forehead, which in turn can lead to headache complaints and fatigue, but also to an increase in wrinkles in the forehead.
Fortunately, the excess skin can be removed by a blepharoplasty Leiden. This gives you a fresh and younger look.

Intake interview?

If you are considering a blepharoplasty, you can make an appointment with the medical specialist at the Roosevelt clinic. We will discuss with you whether a blepharoplasty is the right treatment and whether your expectations match the expected result. In some cases a different (additional) treatment is necessary. You can ask all your questions and receive honest advice. You will receive written information so that you can read everything again at home.

If you want to make an appointment with a medical specialist from the Roosevelt clinic. Click here.

The treatment

Before the procedure, it is first signed how much excess skin can be removed. Neither too much nor too little skin should be removed. After marking, the eyelids are locally anesthetized. After disinfecting the skin and covering it sterile, the skin is first removed. Then it is assessed whether some fat should also be removed. The specialist will accurately mark the amount of overhanging skin on your eyelid that may be removed. After that, the wound is sutured with a fine thread and plasters are applied. The procedure takes approximately 30 to 60 minutes.

After the procedure

You cannot drive home yourself after the blepharoplasty. To counteract bleeding and swelling, it is wise to cool well for the first 24-48 hours. The eyelids will be puffy and blue for the first week. Sometimes the eyes can feel drier or more tears after an operation. After a week we will see you again for the removal of the patches and stitches. In a few weeks everything will be healed.

An overview of our treatments and rates can be found in our price list . For blepharoplasty see “ooglidcorrectie”.

Expert clinic
Experienced medical specialist
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