Eyelid correction


An eyelid correction is a common, minor surgical procedure that removes excess skin from the eyelid. As the skin ages, it stretches and eyelids can be handled. Drooping eyelids can make you look older and give you a tired look. Some people try to compensate for the drooping eyelids by raising their eyebrows and forehead, causing headaches and increased wrinkles in the forehead. In severe cases, drooping eyelids can even reduce vision. The overhanging skin can be removed with an eyelid correction, making you look younger and fresher and the tired feeling disappears.
In the Roosevelt clinic Leiden, an intake interview with the experienced specialist will determine whether an eyelid correction is suitable for you and whether the expected result of the treatment meets your wishes. In some cases a different (additional) treatment is necessary. Honesty is paramount. You can ask all your questions during the interview.

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Eyelid correction

The dermatologic surgeon will accurately mark how much overhanging skin on your eyelid that may be removed. The trick here is not to remove too much or too little skin. The eyelid correction is performed under local anesthetic.
During the procedure, excess skin, fat and sometimes muscle tissue is removed. The wound is stitched and covered with adhesive plasters. The procedure takes about half an hour to an hour. After the treatment it is important to cool down to prevent swelling and bleeding. You can go home half an hour after the procedure. You cannot drive home yourself, so bring someone to drive you. After a week you will come back to remove the stitches.

To take into account

After the procedure it is important to cool the first 24-48. This counteracts the swelling and bleeding, it also has an analgesic effect. The eyelids may be blue and swollen for the first week. The blue discoloration will disappear within 1-2 weeks. The first weeks after the procedure, the eyes may also feel a bit dry or more tears, this will disappear by itself. The stitches will be removed after a week. Within a few weeks everything is healed and you can enjoy your renewed fresh glance.

An overview of our treatments and rates can be found in our price list. For eyelid correction see “ooglidcorrectie”.

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