Skin check

Concerned about a specific skin lesion? Did you have sun damage in the past? Need to have a skin check? The Roosevelt clinic is a dermatology clinic specialised in skin checks and treatment of skin cancer.

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skin check
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Who should perform a skin check by a dermatologist?

The dermatologist would recommend a skin check when you experienced sun burn (damage) to in the past or when you have multiple moles. A skin check is especially recommended for patients who have:
• medical history of skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma or melanoma)
• fair skin
• lived around the equator,
• hobbies or work outside
• family history of skin cancer
• concerns about a specific skin lesion
• suspicious or changed skin lesions

What will be checked during a skin check?

The dermatologists will check the skin of the whole body and will recognize all types of skin damages and lesions suggestive for skin cancer. If necessary, the moles will be checked by dermoscopy and clinical images can be made for follow-up. When the dermatologist recognizes any kind of skin cancer or precancerous lesion, he will discuss the possible treatment options with you (depending on the type of lesion and the patients preferences).

Why should I perform my skin check at the Roosevelt Clinic?

The dermatologists from the Roosevelt clinic are experts in the field of skin cancer, with multiple international publications regarding recognition and treatment of different types of skin cancer. Furthermore, the dermatologists are also working in the Leiden University Medical Center where they train residents in dermatology. In the Roosevelt Clinic you will receive specialised skincare without the hospital environment.

Is a skin check insured?

When you have a Dutch health insurance you need a reference from your general practitioner, according to Dutch insurance rules. For expats with an international health insurance a direct visit to the specialist can be possible, but please inform your insurance company.

What are the costs without health insurance?

You can find the costs of a regular skin check (without health insurance) performed by a dermatologist here. When additional investigations (histopathological examination), treatment or follow-up is necessary additional costs will be made. (click here for prices)
The Roosevelt Clinic is localized in Leiden, Delft and Monster.
If you would like to have additional information about a skin check or related issues, feel free to contact the Roosevelt clinic by phone ( 0882351000), by mail ( or website ( (Dutch))

Specialized dermatologists
Certified medical clinic
Top rated staff and clinic

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