Where is Mohs surgery performed?

Mohs surgery is used as a treatment for troublesome facial skin cancers. It is used in various centers in the Netherlands, including the Roosevelt expert clinic.

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where is Mohs surgery performed
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Skin cancer

Skin cancer is the most common of all cancers in the Netherlands. There are different types of skin cancer. The most common is basal cell carcinoma. Other known forms are squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma. In the Netherlands, people have a chance of about 1 in 6 of getting skin cancer at some point during their lifetime. Due to damage caused by excessive sun exposure and sun burns , can eventually develop skin cancer. Skin cancer can usually be treated well with skin cancer surgery.
Mohs surgery is mainly used for facial basal cell carcinoma. Where is Mohs surgery performed ?

Basal cell carcinoma

Basal cell carcinoma of the face is usually treated by excising it. If it is a small area that is easy to remove, it can be removed with normal surgery. This means that it is cut away by a margin of healthy skin and the wound is closed immediately. The tissue is sent for pathological examination. After 1 to 2 weeks the result is known whether the skin cancer has been completely removed. With Mohs surgery, the skin cancer can be removed more tightly at first and there is certainty that it has been completely removed the same day. Where is Mohs surgery performed then? This is done in various hospitals and clinics in the Netherlands that are certified for this.

Indications Mohs surgery

Treatment with Mohs surgery is reimbursed by the health insurer if certain conditions are met. These are skin tumors, usually basal cell carcinomas, which are somewhat larger or tumors have a more tendency to grow deeper or tumors that are in a difficult place where the wound cannot easily be closed, such as on and around the nose. , eyes, ears and lips. Because in these places the wound often has to be closed with a plastic (that means that skin has to be moved from elsewhere), it is necessary to know whether all skin cancer has gone before this is done. And skin cancers that have come back after previous excision (also called recurrence) or that have not been completely resected with normal excision meet the requirement to be treated with Mohs surgery.

Where is Mohs surgery performed

Where is Mohs surgery performed? Treatment with Mohs surgery is performed at the Roosevelt clinic. You can find more about these treatments and an extensive patient leaflet on this

Our doctors have extensive experience and specialize in skin cancer and skin cancer surgery. A number of them are also affiliated with the LUMC skin cancer center. In the Roosevelt clinic, the patient always receives the best treatment for the patient, without having to go to the hospital.

Experienced medical specialists
Mohs surgery
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